Privacy Policy

How does this website use your data?

This page describes what data we collect about people and what we do with it. It takes 7 minutes to read. 

Who is collecting your data?

This campaign website is managed by Reset Australia. We are an independent policy and advocacy organisation set up to combat the digital threats to democracy.

Our privacy policy outlined below covers this specific campaign website.

What data do Reset Australia collect about people and why?

This depends on what you want to do with us.

  • When you visit this website, we collect as little information as we can about you. We have no essential Cookies. If you consent to share visitor information, we use analytics services to understand things like what pages you visit, how long you visited them, how you found our website. All this data is anonymized. More about these analytics used Cookies is below.
  • If you join our mailing list, we collect your name, email address and postcode so we can keep in touch with you about our work. We only add you to our mailing list if you consent, and you can unsubscribe to our mailing list whenever you want. 
  • If you join a campaign or sign a petition, we may collect your name, email address, postal code, age range, gender and postal address so we can campaign better. We only add you to a campaign or petition if you consent.

What about website Cookies?

We use as few “Cookies” on our website as we can. At the moment, we use two Cookies on this website:

  • Google Analytics. This allows us to understand different users behaviour on our website. We only use this if you consent.
  • Facebook Pixel. This allows us to understand which ads are working best on Facebook or Instagram to drive visitors to the website. We only use this if you consent. 

Both these Cookies are to help us understand who saw and engaged with the campaign. These are turned off unless you consent to share visitor information.

What about links to other websites?

Our website includes links to other websites. These may collect and use your data or have cookies too. You can find out more about how they collect and use their data by looking for their Privacy Policies on their websites. 

Sadly, we cannot control how other websites or apps collect and use your data, so be careful.

How long do we keep personal data? 

For as little time as we need to.

  • For our website, we only collect personal data when you provide it through one of our campaign actions e.g. subscribing to our campaign mailing list. This data is stored in WordPress and Mailchimp until you tell us not to or until the end of the campaign.

At the end of this campaign we will delete any personal data we’ve collected. 

What about sensitive data?

We try not to collect sensitive data, like information about your religion or politics and never through our website. 

But sometimes we collect sensitive data as part of our campaigns or petitions, or if you tell us something as a ‘personal story’ or case study to share. When this happens, we only do so with consent and we make it as clear as we can what we will do with your data.

Do we keep data secure?

We try as hard as we can to keep your data safe. For example, we make sure that only people who need to can see your data, we encrypt data where we can, and train our staff.

Although we do our best to protect your data, please remember that data that is sent over the internet is at risk.

Who do we share personal data with?

We share your data with as few people as possible. We only do this where we need to. 

For this campaign we share data with MailChimp for our mailing list. We have agreements with them to protect your data and to follow Australia’s data protection laws.

Do we send personal data overseas?


Will we let people see, access, change or delete their data?

For sure. (Unless we need to keep it for legal reasons). Just email us at and ask. 

We’ll need to make sure it’s data about you first, so you may need to identify yourself.

When did we write this policy?

This policy was drafted on 30 October 2020 and is reviewed annually.

Who can be contacted to find out more, or ask to see, change or delete data?

Simple. Email our ‘Data Protection Controller’ at or by mail at Suite 403, 418A Elizabeth St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Okay, I want to read more. Give me your full privacy policy. 

You can view this at